Write Raw #6 – Love Is A Piano…

December 12, 2012

Today’s post comes from Just Write-  week 6. No edits, no changing your mind midway.

“Love is a piano dropped from a fourth story window, and you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.” – Ani DiFranco

A crowd gathered around, looking and pointing and exclaiming wildly about what they’d just seen.

He’d been walking briskly, roses in hand. Something of a man on a mission, determined to tell her he was sorry for careless words said the day before. His pulse quickened as he saw her building, and some of the resolve he’d been building up for twenty minutes ebbed away. You have to do this, he told himself.

As he approached the last intersection he’d have to cross before his destination, he let his mind wander over memories of how they’d met, of their first anniversary, and a colored version of how perfect everything had been up until a few months ago. He crossed the intersection and started whistling to control his nerves.

Splinters lay beneath a cloud of dust wooshing up and out, trickling slowly through the air as to prove what had indeed just taken place. As the crowd pressed in they spotted a small bouquet of roses laying on the pavement just beside the heap of broken wood. Looking up, patio rails bent and twisted. “Look!” one of the onlookers pointed.

A small section of the top of the fallen piano was intact, the word “LOVE” engraved resolutely therein.

I thought I’d offer a very literal interpretation of the prompt for something playful and different.

Just write prompts from rebeccatdickson.com

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2 Responses to Write Raw #6 – Love Is A Piano…

  1. Karen Winters on December 12, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    Oh I love this piece Brian! I was so wrapped up in his story that I totally forgot the “piano” piece from the title! Nice blog as always! :)

    • Brian Watkins on December 13, 2012 at 9:59 am

      Thanks! After writing it I thought about putting a twist in there that the woman he was going to see, in a fit of anger, pushed their piano over the balcony (not knowing he was down there just then). But that would break the “no edits” rule. ;-)

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